Community Spotlight

Each month we highlight a member of our community to learn more about them and their connection to our mission and the programs we offer. We are so thankful for the support and contributions of all those  who make up our BAC community!

Josh Query

March 2018


Ashley Vick

April 2018



Julie S Graham

May 2018



Silvia López-Chavez 

June 2018



Dave Bermingham

July 2018



Pamela Roberts

August 2018



Zoe Schein

September 2018 




Emily Speicher

October 2018




Caren Zane Fishman and

Caroline Bowden

November 2018



Dawn Ludwig

December 2018

Rob Daves

January 2019

Mark Cooper

February 2019


Meagan Hepp

March 2019


Jori Ward

April 2019 

Senator Cynthia Stone Creem

May 2019  

Nirvanna Lildharrie

June 2019


Tatiana Flis

July 2019


Erik Grau and Crislin Waldman

August 2019