Fall Teen Classes Ages 13-17

Text and Image

Day: Monday (12 weeks)

Time: 3:30-5:30pm 

Class Fee: $325

Materials: $45

Teacher: Gabriel Sosa


This class will explore the relationship between written and visual forms of expression. Students will become familiar with contemporary artists who have incorporated text into their aesthetic practice as well as develop their own text-based works that involve both traditional and unconventional techniques and media. No class 10/9. September 18-December 11



Student work by Soeren, age 14Jewelry and Metals (This class is open to 12 year olds)

Day(s): Monday (12 weeks), Tuesday (12 weeks), Wednesday (12 weeks), Thursday (11 weeks) or Friday*

Time: 3:30-5:30pm

Class Fee: $325 (M, T, W), $300 (TH), $195 (Friday A), $65 (Friday B)

Materials: $60 (M, T, W), $55 (TH), $20 (Friday A), $10 (Friday B)

Teachers: Lauren Blais (M), Ashley Vick (T, TH, F), Nora Miller (W)


Students will gain hands on knowledge of jewelry making and metalsmithing techniques including soldering, piercing, etching and embellishing in copper, nickel and brass. No class 10/9, 11/22, 11/23, 12/8. September 18-December 11 (M), September 19-December 5 (T), September 20-December 13 (W), September 28-December 14 (TH), September 22-November 3 (Friday A), December 1-December 15 (Friday B)

*Friday class has an "A session" and "B session" due to special events this fall. Students can register for one or both, and they do not have to attend the "A session" in order to attend the "B session." A session meets 6 weeks and B session meets 2 weeks.



Student work by Miranda, age 14Introduction to Photography

Day: Wednesday (12 weeks)

Time: 3:30-5:30pm 

Class Fee: $325

Materials: $15

Teacher: Gulnara Niaz


This class will explore photographic seeing and the visual grammar of photography. Build fundamental skills including focus and position of subjects, composition and lighting considerations. The class combines basic design problems, exercises in seeing elements of the medium and the history and development of photography as an art form. We will also cover basic principles and techniques of camera use, various photographic materials, processes and techniques for image processing and print production. DSLR camera and laptop required. No class 11/22. September 20-December 13


Oil Painting

Day: Saturday (7 weeks)

Time: 12:30-2:30pm

Class Fee: $190

Materials: $40

Teacher: Leonie Little-Lex


Students will have the chance to discover the versatility and vibrance of oils and work in a studio setting. This course will cover the fundamentals of oil painting including color-mixing, layering, brush technique and more. No class 10/28. September 23-November 11