Ruins: Exploring the Forgotten
February 7-March 8, 2019
Reception: Thursday, February 7, 6:00-8:00pm

The Brookline Arts Center is pleased to present Ruins: Exploring the Forgotten by Rebecca Skinner.

Artist Statement:
“I have spent the past several years photographing abandoned buildings. The photographs in this project were taken at several locations across the Eastern United States. I hope to immerse the viewer in the scene, intertwining them and the location in a single narrative of nostalgia and respect for the suspended moment. I portray these facilities not only as a preserved instance of a forgotten time, but as the summation of the place’s history and beauty.”

Rebecca Skinner photographs abandoned spaces throughout the United States. She is a modern-day urban explorer seeking unique neglected structures and desolate places. Her subject matter includes images of large open spaces and details such as peeling paint and rust. Texture, color and light play an important part in her image making and she is attracted to the beauty of these places as well as the forgotten history. Time is of the essence as some locations have since been demolished or restored, while others remain frozen in time. Danger is often present, whether it be from rotten floors, hazardous materials or unexpected inhabitants. She never goes into these places alone and is strongly invested in leaving no trace. Working with tripod and natural light, Skinner does not stage her photographs — there is already a story to be told without making any adjustments.

Skinner is a core artist member at the Fountain Street Gallery in Boston, MA, and a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. Her studio is located at the Mill Contemporary Art Studios in Framingham, MA.