October 10-November 13, 2020

The Brookline Arts Center is pleased to present PRISM, the inaugural exhibition for Beacon Street Gallery.

Color and the creation of art have been intricately linked since the very first instances of art making. Over time, the connotations surrounding each color have become more complex, situational, and culture-specific. For this exhibition, we looked for art that explores bold, vibrant, and distinctive treatments of color to communicate unique artistic visions. The exhibition was juried by the BAC’s Gallery Committee and features work from over 20 artists residing or working in Brookline. Beacon Street Gallery, located at 1351 Beacon Street, is a curatorial project of the BAC.

Selected artists include Martin Anderson, Suzanne Archibald, Caroline Barnes, John Bassett, Meryl Blinder, Diane Chester-Demicco, Erin Connolly, Molly Dee, Nini Evans, Ruth Ginsberg-Place, Meagan Hepp, Caryl Hull Leavitt, Aja Johnson, Leonie Little-Lex, CJ Lori, Liliana Marquez, Maryellen Moran, Robin Okun, Joseph Perkell, Cary Rapaport, Pamela Roberts, Zoe Schein, and Brianna Whitney.

View the online gallery here.

A Sanctuary Community Collaboration
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