Adrian Negenborn
Instagram: @adriannegenborn

My paintings are about the primacy of the moment in which they were made and the materials they are made with. Often they are influenced by my taste and state of mind in the moment. Before starting paintings, I setup my color palette, mix specific consistencies of paint, and preconceive notions of composition and movement. Starting with that very deliberate setup, I try to transgress my initial ideas by allowing chance to influence applications of paint. Then through both explosive uncontrolled and slower deliberate methods I throw, pour, brush, scrape, drip the paint on the canvas. Each subsequent action is a reaction to the previous. After I complete the actions, the paint continues to flow and spread. I completely relinquish control and allow them to be. At that point the paintings take on a life of their own. Often a very easy and casual look to the painting prevails. They appear as though they just came into existence by a simple gesture or splatter of paint. They are just barely holding together. Each mark I make and force upon the paint becomes a record on the picture plane. The psychological, emotional, and ephemeral becomes physical. The most successful paintings capture a balance between the dualities of the process. Those images land somewhere between harmony and disharmony, chaos and order.