This is a great project to try with young children at home! Not only does it help them to practice drawing their circles, triangles and squares, it shows them that every picture we draw is made up of basic shapes.

Start by drawing out shapes together. You can look around at home to see how many shapes you can find. Once you’ve filled your page, it’s time to cut them out. Encourage your child’s imagination by seeing how many pictures (objects, animals, characters, etc.) they can make from rearranging their shapes on the page. Once they have made a shape collage they really like, glue it down and color it in!

What You’ll Need:

pencil or pen
paint and/or drawing materials to add more decoration

Step 1:
Look around and see what kinds of shapes you can find. Fill your page with triangles, circles, squares and rectangles.

Step 2:
Cut each shape out along the lines.

Step 3:
Have fun rearranging the shapes. See how many different pictures you can come up with together!

Step 4:
If something doesn’t quite fit, cut it into another shape. For instance, we cut the rectangle wing on the bird into two triangles. Much better!

Step 5:
Once you have a shape collage you are really proud of, glue it down and color it in! Don’t forget to add the details.