Here’s a sure-fire way to engage your child with a collage and crafting project. Build a pizza together or have each participant make their own!

What You’ll Need:
collage papers
ribbons, old wrapping paper, or fabric
markers (optional)
white paper (optional)

Step 1:
Gather any collage materials you find around the home. Holiday wrapping paper and ribbons work well, as do scraps of fabric, tissue paper, or anything sparkly! If you don’t have the right color for a pizza ingredient, use markers on regular paper to make what you need.

Step 2:
Prep your ingredients. Start with the essentials like the pizza dough, sauce, and cheese. Cut a large circle first for the dough (yellow, tan or brown paper is good). Then, cut a slightly smaller shape for the sauce. Then cut a few small circles for pepperoni or “slice up” some green peppers.

Step 3:
Glue the sauce down on your crust, then add the cheese. Arrange it in a random pattern for a “sprinkled” effect.

Step 4:
Add your toppings. The pepperoni and green peppers are looking good here.

Step 5:
Get creative. There’s no rule that says you can’t add sparkly sardines or polka-dot mushrooms to your pizza. Even candy toppings are not off the table in this instance.

Step 6:
Eat up! Just kidding- but definitely enjoy.