What you’ll need:


Optional: markers, colored pencils, watercolor pencils

Step 1:
Mark a point in the direct center of your paper. This will be the vanishing point.

Step 2:
Line the ruler up with the vanishing point and make two lines going to the bottom of the paper, around an inch apart. Make a horizontal line at the top to connect the building.

Step 3:
Make a second building like this coming from the side of your paper.

Step 4:
Keep adding buildings around your page. You can show a building at a 90 degree angle by making the height line first, then adding short vertical and horizontal lines at the top for the length and width. Remember, length and width are always going to be straight horizontal and vertical lines in this picture, and you will always find the height of your building by lining up your ruler with the vanishing point.

Step 5:
Buildings should circle around the page. The top is always closest to the vanishing point and the height lines of the buildings should all connect to the vanishing point. Every other line is vertical or horizontal. Use the edge of your paper to check your lines!

Step 6:
Once you’ve made all your buildings, you can make windows and architectural details using the same rules of perspective. If you want, you can add shading to some sides of the building for a 3D look.

Step 7:
If you have colored pencils or markers, add some color to your artwork! Color all the buildings or for a pop of color, just shade in the sky!