What You’ll Need:

masking tape roll
black pen

Step 1:
Trace the tape roll onto the paper.

Step 2:
Make a dot in the center of the circle.

Step 3:
Using the ruler, mark three spaces on the circumference of your circle. They should be equally spaced apart.

Step 4:
Line the tape up with the center dot and two of the markers on the circumference. Trace three more circles this way. They should overlap with each other and look like the second picture (Step 4b).

Step 5:
Measure out three lines from the center point of the middle circle, through the point where two outer circles touch. You should add three light lines total.

Step 6:
Trace three more circles. Line the edge of the tape roll up with the mid-point and center it between the outer circles you’ve already made, using the light line as a mid-point. Once you are done, you can erase the three lines. Your mandala should look like the picture.

Step 7:
Now that you have the base structure of your mandala, you are ready to start adding designs! Have fun with your designs. Try putting dense patterns next to sparse ones for contrast. Mandala designs typically emphasize symmetry, so whatever design you add to one section should be reflected in its shape counterpart.

Step 8:
When your mandala design is complete, outline it with a black pen or sharpie. Bonus: you can add color as well!