Make your very own “Despicable Me” character! Download the PDF guide for extra steps. When you are finished, you can choose to color your minion or stick to a black outline.

What You’ll Need:

masking tape roll
other circle shapes for tracing (like small cup, packing tape roll, small plate)

Step 1:
Using a masking tape roll or circular object, trace a semi-circle along the top.

Step 2:
Move the tape roll down directly below the semi-circle you just made and trace it again, but only the bottom half.

Step 3:
You should have a double scoop ice-cream shape. Now, make straight lines where the circles start to curve in.

Step 4:
Erase the curved parts and you should end up with one big oval!

Step 5:
Now use a smaller circle to trace the first half of the goggles. Make it a semi-circle.

Step 6:
Make another semi-circle on the other side. They should overlap to create the shape of the goggles.

Step 7:
Use an even smaller circle to trace the two eyes in the goggles. These should be big but not touch! You can also draw this part by hand.

Step 8:
Draw two pupils on the inside of the eyes. These should be about the size of a dime.

Step 9:
Draw little reflections in the pupils, then shade the rest in. Add little side straps to the googles as well.

Step 10:
Add a smile with some teeth.

Step 11:
Add a few lines for the overalls.

Step 12:
Add legs and feet.

Step 13:
Add hands with gloves.

Step 14:
Shade in the boots and gloves, and add a pocket in the front.

Step 15:
Add final details like the minion’s hair, pocket logo and overall straps, then use a black pen for the outline. Bonus: color in your minion!