What You’ll Need:

assorted sizes of circle shapes for tracing (a roll of masking tape works great!)

Step 1:
Use a masking tape roll to trace two connecting circles.

Step 2:
Draw two straight, vertical lines where the circles start to curve inwards, then erase the previous connecting marks. You should have one oval shape now.

Step 3:
Use a smaller round object (like the base of a small cup) to trace two connecting circles for the eyes. Erase the part where one overlaps the other.

Step 4:
Draw a straight, vertical line to separate the two circles. Draw a big pupil in each, leave two small dots for the reflections, and shade the rest in with your pencil.

Step 5:
Add a beak, round belly, and a curved line on either side for the wings.

Step 6:
Add details like ruffles on the wings, three-toed feet or a tuft of hair!