What’s more fun than using your hands to paint? Using edible paint, of course! Today, yogurt is our medium and our plate is our canvas. We will experiment with mixing colors and making fun designs using items you find in your kitchen or even the toy box! Through play, our little ones can explore the texture and smell of new foods in a fun way. And perhaps they’ll even try them! Note: Be sure to wash hands thoroughly before and after this activity!

What You’ll Need:
Yogurt (plain or vanilla is best)
Food coloring
Small bowls and spoons to mix (one for every color)
A clean plate or other clean, flat surface like a tray or cutting board

Step 1:
Spoon some yogurt into each bowl and mix in a drop of food coloring. Be mindful not to use too much yogurt, especially if you don’t think it will be eaten. A small spoonful can go a long way. 

Step 2:
Use your fingers or a spoon to put your yogurt paint on the plate. If you prefer not to use your hands as a brush, try using a spoon, a fork, or anything else that works, like a toy car!

Step 3:
Make a scene or mix colors to see what happens!

Step 4:
Try adding a new texture or design with your fingers or another tool.

Step 5:
“Erase” your work by smoothing out the surface, and draw something else!

Step 6:
(Not shown here) If you want to experiment with some other foods, add some berries, slices of bananas, or some oats. You can also try using fruit or veggie slices (like pepper or apple) as stamps. Dip them in the yogurt, and stamp onto another clean surface. 

Step 7:
When you’re done, use a spatula to collect the yogurt and enjoy!