Run out of sidewalk chalk or just not have any? Try making some yourself! It’s easy to make, and uses a material that you might otherwise throw awayeggshells! With your homemade sidewalk chalk you can brighten your neighborhood with fun designs, and share meaningful messages like “Black Lives Matter!”

What You’ll Need:
Eggshells (4-6)
1 teaspoon flour (acts as a binding agent with water)
1 teaspoon warm water
Paper towel, napkin, or toilet paper
Food coloring (optional: for different color chalk)
Sieve (optional)

Step 1:
Wash out eggshells and let dry. Try to peel away as much inside film from eggshells as possible.

Step 2:
Crush eggshells as finely as you can. You can use a food processor, a mortar and pestle, or a heavy/rough object like a stone or brick on an outside surface to do this. If working outside, make sure you can collect the shell bits afterwards. Putting down a sheet of paper can help with this.

Step 3:
Use a sieve to separate any large pieces or bits of film from your eggshell powder.

Step 4:
Mix in flour and then add water and dye, mixing well. 

Step 5:
Add additional water if necessary, so that mixture is consistency of rough clay. 

Step 6:
On paper towel/napkin/toilet paper, shape mixture into whatever shape you’d like for your chalk. Make sure dye is not coming through your paper drying surface. 

Step 7:
Let dry for multiple days. **Chalk will crumble if not dried long enough.** If you’d like it to dry faster, place it in a hot area, such as a sunny window ledge or on top of a toaster oven.

Step 8:
Have fun using your chalk outside! Note: it’s best not to use this chalk on a chalkboard as it will leave scratches.