Want to learn how to draw different flowers or create your own intricate floral design? Here are some quick easy and steps to try this out on your own!

What You’ll Need:
Round bottle cap or lid (optional)
Cardboard (optional)
Scissors (optional)
Colored pencils, pens or markers (optional)

Step 1:
Plan your composition. Whether you’re drawing a garden, a vase of flowers, a floral wreath, or just a floral design, your first step will be deciding what you want your final artwork to be. If you’re drawing a garden, your flowers will be in a row, or side by side. If you’re drawing a floral wreath, you’ll want to plan out the circle for the wreath so you know where to place your flowers.

Step 2:
Draw the centers. You can use a circle tracer (like a cup, lid, or roll of tape), or free draw circles of various sizes. Flowers like sunflowers and anemones require large centers, where daisies and roses have smaller ones. Lilacs, hydrangeas, and snapdragons have flowers that grow in bunches, so their centers are very close together.

Step 3:
Drawing Petals. You can create a tracer using cardboard or cardstock paper by drawing one petal shape and cutting it out. This will allow you to draw the same shape repeatedly around the center. Or, free draw it! Flowers have petals of many different shapes and sizes. The most important part is drawing the same shaped petals for each flower. Edges can be pointed or round, shapes can be long or short, wide or narrow. Fun fact: flower petals follow the Fibonacci sequence, with anywhere from 3 to 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and 89.

Step 4:
Adding stems and leaves. Flower leaves also vary in size and shape. The type of leaf depends on the type of flower. Some have pointed edges, some rounded, some large, some small.

Step 5:
Adding details. The last step will be to add details. This could include vein lines on leaves and petals, seeds to the flower centers, shading to the leaves and petals, or even adding color!