Looking for a dessert you can share virtually this Thanksgiving? Look no further! 

What You’ll Need:
Tape or glue
2 white paper plates
Pin or brass fastener
Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
1-2 sheets of white paper
Cork or cork board

Step 1:
Trim part of the edge off of one of the paper plates. This smaller surface will be where the pie filling is. Use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to make the filling (mine is “frutti di bosco,” or mixed berry).

Step 2:
Trim the edge of the larger plate to represent the rim of a pie crust, making sure to not trim too much. 

Step 3:
If you would like lattice work or some other flair on your pie, cut strips from a white sheet of paper, coloring them to your liking. You can glue or tape these to your pie. 

Step 4:
Center your “filling” over the “crust,” using a pin (on your cork) to get as close as you can to the center through some trial and error. Test the center point by spinning the filling. 

Step 5:
Write “I’m grateful for…” on the rim of the pie crust, and decorate the rest of the crust as you like. Removing the pin and filling can be helpful for decorating. Lightly tracing the inner circle with a pencil can help prevent any writing or decorating from ending up covered. 

Step 6:
Carefully cut out a slice of the pie filling, coming close but not all the way to the center point. 

Step 7:
Make light pencil markings on the larger circle to indicate the outer edges of the missing pie slice (you can also trace the entire inside margin of the slice for more clarity). Spin the smaller circle to measure and mark the next slice and so forth, dividing the entire pie. Your final slice will likely be a little bigger or smaller than the others, but that’s ok. 

Step 8:
Once you’re happy with how your pie was divided, fill each section with something you’re grateful for. You can use words, symbols, drawings, pictures…whatever you like!

Step 9:
That’s it! Your pie is complete! Spin the inner or outer circle to focus on different special somethings or someones in your life 🙂