What You’ll Need:

an old pan or tray
shaving cream
any kind of white paper
watercolor, tempera, food coloring, or and kind of dye will work!

Step 1: Gather materials.
Step 2: Spread a thin layer of shaving cream on tray.
Step 3: Add drops of dye, food coloring, watercolor, or paint to tray.

Step 4: Use a fork or similar tool to rake the color through the shaving cream. Don’t completely mix colors together.
Step 5: Press paper gently onto shaving cream tray. Pat surface lightly to let paper absorb colors.
Step 6: Peel paper up gently, set aside to dry. Brush shaving cream off once it is completely dry!
Step 7: Try to keep cats off the drying prints ( could be a lost cause 🙂 )