How to Make Your Own Indoor or Outdoor Fairy House

Step 1: Picking your Location
Fairy houses can be made for outdoor or indoor spaces. If indoors, pick a sunny spot like the corner of a window sill. If outdoors, the base of a tree trunk is usually best. For an indoor house, use a base made of cardboard or something similarly sturdy. An old shoebox is perfect!

Step 2: Gather your Materials
For an outdoor house, try to use materials from nature! Things like sticks, leaves, rocks, moss, and old flowers are great. For an indoor house, feel free to add things from around the home. Good materials include junk jewelry, that single sock that’s missing its pair, and anything shiny. Fairies love shiny things!

Step 3: Build your Base Structure
Creating the structural support for your fairy’s home is important before adding any details. For an outdoor dwelling, make sure you plant your “support beams” (sticks) securely in the ground first before adding a roof or walls, or use the base of a tree trunk for additional support. An indoor house can be hot-glued together, if you don’t have glue or are building outside, string and twine work well to bind your house together.

Step 4: Add your Fairy Furnishings and Food
This is the fun part! Add the little fixings that make your fairy house a home! What can you use for a fairy table? Acorn caps make great plates or bowls! Add some small rocks for a stone pathway or a dried leaf for a flag. Don’t forget the fairy’s food! Flowers and dried tea leaves work nicely.

Step 5: Complete!
After your fairy house is all set up, keep watch and visit periodically to see if a fairy moves in!