When asked how to describe yourself, you may start with your physical appearance, your age, maybe throw in a few personality traits or interests. Our identities – what makes you you and me me – are unique to us alone, although they may include a plethora of categories, experiences, and feelings we share with others. Although we cannot control some bits of who we are, we have the opportunity to make dozens, if not hundreds of choices every day! Each day we have new opportunities to grow and discover more about who we are or want to be.

Occasions like a new year can prompt us to reflect on our journeys and recalibrate our compasses. So, this week we’re doing just that, and making self-portraits!

A self portrait is totally unique to you, so you can choose what materials and techniques to use. You can represent yourself in any way, depicting hobbies, activities, family members, your favorite things or foods through drawing, collage, writing, or even using stickers (you know, like those fuzzy ones of dogs that are the absolute cutest)! Maybe you draw food you like or people and places you love, maybe you sculpt something abstract listening to your favorite music. It’s completely up to you! Perhaps you’ll even discover something new when you finish.