Art doesn’t have to be serious. Let loose with this fun painting and drawing exercise!

What you’ll need:
watercolor paint or ink
water cup
eyedropper or paintbrush
sharpie or ink pen

Step One:
Use water to create trails and random wet areas on your paper, then use a brush or eyedropper (good for liquid watercolor) to drop paint in the wet parts of your paper. Tip the paper back and forth to move the paint as desired, then let dry.

Step Two:
When the paper is dry, add some small drawings and doodles to one corner or side of your abstract painting. Let the shapes of the paint inspire your drawings.

Step Three:
Flip your paper upside down and add some more doodles in the white spaces on your paper. Draw some goofy faces or silly creatures!

Step Four:
Keep flipping your paper and adding more doodles until your page feels complete. Draw whatever comes to mind, no matter how random or nonsensical!