“What’s your favorite blanket and its story? Mine is a patchwork quilt my Gran made me when I graduated from high school. It’s not the warmest blanket, but it gives endless comfort! What items, small or large, do you keep around for the special feelings or memories they bring you?” – BAC Teacher Deb Hicks

Today, we’re weaving paper blankets in honor of those things that bring us a feeling of comfort, love, and joy.

What You’ll Need:

Construction paper (a few different colors)

Step 1:
Cut your paper into even strips (i.e. all ½” or 1”). Cut some along the long edge of the paper to be your vertical strips, and others along the short edge to be your horizontal ones. This example used two different vertical colors, but you can also just do one, or more.

Step 2:
Align your long (vertical) strips side by side alternating colors, and glue a shorter strip across the top to secure the pieces together. You may want to tape the strips together on the back side for more support. 

Step 3:
Begin to weave your remaining short strips over and under the vertical ones, alternating colors and weaving pattern. Gently nudge each strip to the top, and secure the ends to the vertical strips with glue. 

Step 4:
If you like, you can leave some of the vertical strips on the bottom as your fringe. Once complete, trim the edges of the shorter strips.

Step 5:
Finally, cut a fringe at the bottom of your work, and display!