I hope you enjoy popcorn, because you’ll need some for this week’s activity! Save a few popped kernels to draw, but any extra is fair game. 

You may have drawn an apple, banana, or other still life before. Perhaps it was under a bright light which cast dramatic shadows, emphasizing the difference between the lightest areas and the darkest ones. This sort of greyscale drawing is called a value drawing. Today we’re starting with a value drawing, but instead of drawing on white paper with a black pencil, we’re doing the opposite! 

What You’ll Need:
Some popcorn
Black construction paper
Colored pencils

Step 1:
(Optional) Secure your popcorn to the top of your black construction paper with some glue. This way you don’t lose it amongst the rest (or accidentally eat it!) and you maintain your perspective and lighting. 

Step 2:
Notice where light hits or doesn’t hit the popcorn and the spaces in between. Where are the brightest spots where light is reflecting off the popcorn? And the darkest areas? 

Step 3:
Test your white colored pencil on the back of your black paper, or on a scrap piece. Adjust the pressure you apply to create different values.

Step 4:
Use a black colored pencil to very lightly draw the piece(s) of popcorn on the black paper. Gradually add shading, building up to your highlights, with your white colored pencil. 

Step 5:
Once done, what do you see? Use your imagination to create another piece of art inspired by your popcorn drawing!