This week we’re making and drawing on our own scratch paper! It’s a simple, fun activity that you can do with family or friends in your house or virtually. For me, drawing on scratch paper is like unearthing a hidden treasure. There is mystery followed by wonder as you etch away the dark, smudgy, superficial layer to reveal colorful designs. 

What You’ll Need:
Oil pastels (crayons work too, though not as well)
Toothpick, wooden skewer, or similar object for etching

Step 1:
Use different colors to cover the entire space you’re using. You can color any way you like, with stripes, swirls, anything! This will be your base; the colors you’re applying will be those exposed later. I recommend using bright colors here, so they will pop more against the contrasting darker coat. 

Step 2:
Color over the first layer with black or another very dark color. Ideally, you want to completely cover the first colors you applied. 

Step 3:
Using a scratching stick, like a wooden skewer (used here) or a toothpick, draw whatever you like! Pressure from the stick will allow you to etch or scratch away the top layer of pastel, revealing a colorful line that pops from the dark foreground. Scratch away lines, shapes, shading…et voilà!