Every now and then it’s nice to do something goofy or wild just for the fun of it! What silly things have you done recently? If you can’t think of something, perhaps making this sock puppet will fit the bill!

What You’ll Need:
An old sock you don’t use
Yarn, string, or ribbon
Other decorating materials
Glue or needle and thread

Step 1:
Try the sock on your hand and start to imagine what it might look like. Where will the mouth be? Maybe you’ve already started to create a personality!

Step 2:
Use yarn or string to make some hair. You can make a pompom by loosely wrapping some yarn around a small piece of cardboard (or similar item). Cut the yarn at one end or both, depending on how long you want the hair/pompom to be, and tie in the middle.

Step 3:
Decorate with other items you’ve collected. Add eyes, a mouth, teeth, ears, a hat, a necklace, a bowtie, whatever you like! When your new friend is ready, introduce them to your family and friends!