Time for some obligatory Halloween art! We may not have the traditional trick-or-treating this year, but we can still enjoy the spirit (or should I say spirits?!) of the season and, of course, decorate! With a twirl of your brushes, let’s make some magical art.

What You’ll Need:
Acrylic paints
Paint brushes
Canvas or cardstock

Step 1:
Determine what color your spooky sky will be, and prep your pallet or other working surface with that color and white. Using the white, paint a full moon somewhere on your paper. You will work outward from here, painting in concentric circles. Add just a touch of your other color to the white and begin to encircle your moon. Here you can get creative with your texture, using whatever brush strokes suit you and your art! This band can also be as wide or narrow as you like. Repeat, working out from the previous band. Continue to repeat this step until you have filled the paper with darker and darker gradients of your second color.
Step 2:
To the outermost bands, you may like to add some black or a complementary color in order to make them darker.
Step 3:
While your paint dries, think about what silhouette you would like against the sky. Perhaps a spider in its web or a spooky haunted house or a cat in a window? Whatever your imagination can dream up! If it helps, you can sketch images or draw directly on your canvas once dry.
Step 4:
Paint your silhouette black.