Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Next time you’re about to throw something out, consider where it might end up and its impact on communities and the environment. Is there a way to avoid it? Although we can’t save everything, we can consider alternative destinations to the dump. In this art project, we use styrofoam to make stamps! What are some other items you have recycled in creative ways?

What You’ll Need:
Flat piece of styrofoam
Dull pencil

Step 1:
Use a marker to draw an image on a the styrofoam. Remember, if you want to write something, it should be mirror image in order to read the final product. 

Step 2:
Use a dull pencil to trace your image, applying pressure to etch your image into the styrofoam. 

Step 3:
Once you have a good indent, paint over it with slightly watered-down acrylic paint (you can also use marker). Apply pressure evenly and try to avoid accumulating paint in the indented areas.

Step 4:
Before the paint has time to dry, place a piece of paper over it and gently pat the surface with your hand to transfer paint to the paper. 

Step 5:
Carefully peel up the paper to reveal the final product. After it dries you can add any details you like!