The heat has finally arrived, and some of the hottest days can be tough to tolerate, especially with pools closed and masks on. Here’s a fun activity that will hopefully cool you down: popsicle fans! You only need a few materials, and all of them can easily be substituted for others you may have nearby. 

What You’ll Need:
Two clean popsicle sticks (large or regular size)
Copy paper, cardstock, or parchment paper (used in example), two pieces unless using parchment paper
Markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint (acrylics used in example)
Glue and/or tape

Step 1:
Decorate your paper(s), noting that the long edges will be on the outside of your fan, and the center between them will end up in the center of your fan. You may want to tape down your paper for this. You may also want to decorate your popsicle sticks.

Step 2:
Starting on a short edge, fold your entire paper accordion-style. Make the creases slightly larger than the width of one of your popsicle sticks. Repeat with other paper. 
NOTE: In the example, I pre-folded the parchment so that I would avoid scratching off color while folding it later.

Step 3:
Maintaining your accordion folds, fold down the center and pinch. Unfold this last fold and staple where the fold was. Fold again at staple and, using tape or glue, connect open edges at center of fan. Use scissors to cut the ends so that they’re even. Repeat with the second paper.

Step 4:
Connect the two semi-circular fans at one end with tape or glue to create one large fan that, when opened, makes a circle.

Step 5:
Use tape or glue to connect your popsicle sticks to each open end of the fan. If not using cardstock, make sure to connect sticks starting at center of fan, supporting the entire open edge.

Step 6:
Make one for you, your friend, your grandparent, your neighbor, or anyone you think might enjoy a colorful fan! (The more you make, the more popsicles you’ll need to eat first…)