Who are your heroes and role models? Black History Month is a great time to reflect on who we admire and aspire to be like (like Madam C.J. Walker or Malcom X) and learn from their stories of triumph and struggle what we can do to carry on their mission to this day.

This week, we’re making superhero cuffs to resemble or remind us of our favorite people or superheroes! Perhaps that person is a character or someone from history, or maybe they’re someone in your life. In addition to this activity, we challenge you to find one new superhero to add to your list of role models this month.

What You’ll Need:
Tape and/or glue
Paper (construction paper is great for different colors!)
Empty toilet paper rolls (or paper towel roll cut in two)
Markers, crayons, or other items to decorate!

Step 1:
Cut in a straight line down the roll. Don’t try to flatten the roll, but keep its shape so you can slip it over your wrist later!

Step 2:
Measure the length of the roll on the paper you would like as your background, and cut a strip that is equal to or greater than that length.

Step 3:
Trim the paper to be a little longer than the circumference of the TP roll, folding the edges into the inside of the TP roll.

Step 4:
Unroll the paper and decorate! Add pieces of colorful paper, sparkles, drawings, even cloth or other materials!

Step 5. Tape or glue your decorated cuff to the TP roll.

Step 6:
Gift your cuffs or wear them and be a superhero yourself!