Practice writing letters and building words with this tape resist art project!

What You’ll Need:

tape (painter’s or masking works best)
thick paper

Step 1:
Pick your favorite 3-5 letter word and write it in big letters on a thick piece of paper.

Step 2:
Cut out pieces of tape and stick them to an edge of your workspace. Use the pieces of tape to build letters over the ones you’ve written.

Step 3:
Paint the piece of paper with your favorite colors. Try to fill in as much of the empty space as possible and yes, you can paint right over the tape!

Step 4:
Wait a few minutes for the paint to start drying. Carefully remove the tape and watch as the letters re-appear amongst the paint. Erase your pencil lines.

Step 5:
Try the project again with a new word or challenge yourself by using the tape to create an image instead of a letter!