Here is a light, loose and colorful method of creating a bouquet of flowers. Try this stress-free wet-on-wet painting technique!

Materials Needed:
Watercolor paper
Watercolor paints
Two brushes (one is fine, two is better)

Step One:
Lightly draw four to five simple shapes for flower heads. These are loosely based on a poppy flower- tulips, lupines, and forget-me-nots are also great shapes to try.

Step Two:
Wet the first flower head with water. The whole flower head should be wet before you apply paint.

Step Three:
Drop a light color into spots of the flower head. The paint should expand into the water a bit.

Step Four:
Drop a second color into the flower head. You can “push” the paint around a bit, but you want to avoid too much brushing or you will lose the tie-dye effect.

Step Five:
Repeat this step for all flower heads. If some of the paint splatters or bleeds into another flower, just go with it! The goal for this painting is to be light and loose.

Step Six:
Dip your brush in green paint, then add some stems to the flower heads. Start by pulling a little of the wet paint from the flowers into your stem for a color shift.

Step Seven:
Add leaves to some of the stems. Again, if the colors bleed into each other that’s okay!

Step Eight:
If you end up having a spot that’s too wet on your paper, take a piece of paper towel, bunch it into a point and lightly touch it to the wet area to absorb some of the water.

Step Nine:
Complete! The beauty of this project is if you aren’t completely satisfied with how your flowers turned out, you can go back in and rework the paper by wetting it again.