Make some animal friends using empty toilet paper rolls, some color, and creativity! You can even use your own pet(s) for inspiration! Sheila (the guinea pig) and Sally (the cat) were my models.

What You’ll Need:
Toilet paper or paper towel roll
Glue and/or tape
Construction paper and/or markers

Step 1:
Cut roll to desired height (usually only done if using paper towel roll). If you would like to change your base color, measure the height of the roll and cut an appropriately-sized strip of paper to wrap around the roll, securing with tape (or glue).

Step 2:
Fold down opposite sides of top of roll, so that top is concave and edges meet, forming two “ears.”

Step 3:
Draw and/or cut out shapes to form eyes, nose/beak/trunk, wings, tail, feet, under-belly patches, ears, etc.! It may be helpful to draw a light pencil sketch of your animal to help you determine shapes. Play with the arrangement of circles, ovals, and round-edge triangles to find the right spacing for features.

Step 4:
Attach features using tape and/or glue. It is helpful to add extra length to tails/paws/wings in order to attach them more easily (paws can even attach inside the roll).

Step 5:
Get creative and add details! Reuse gift wrap, string, cloth, and other crafty materials (googly eyes, pipe cleaners, feathers) to add a decorative collar, bow, colorful or textured patches of fur, some clothes, a bag…whatever you want!

Created by BAC Faculty Member Deb Hicks