Do you like to find creatures in the clouds? Can you bring the silhouettes of a leafless tree to life? Maybe the snow on your window looks like a face or a lamp or a landscape. Tuning in to our imagination is a practice that is both fun and enlightening! Today we’re cultivating our creativity with watercolors. Enjoy!

What You’ll Need:
Watercolor paper
Plastic wrap
Waterproof felt-tipped pen(s)

Step 1:
Cut a piece of plastic wrap that’s big enough to cover your paper. Place it on top of your paper. With a clean brush, spread a little bit of water across the plastic wrap. A little water will go a long way.

Step 2:
Choose a few colors for your work and mix them with a touch of water so that the color saturation is high. Drop or spread the color on your plastic wrap, being careful to stay within the borders of your paper.

Step 3:
Here’s where we flip the plastic wrap and place it color down on the paper. Carefully lift the plastic wrap, trying to keep it from folding over on itself. If at this point a lot of water starts to roll off the plastic, you may want to redo the first two steps using less water. Too much water will lead to all of the colors mixing to make one color. The second and third images here show what happens when you use a lot of water. Even Harry, the cat, questioned if that was the outcome I was looking for!

Step 4:
Press the plastic down to be flush with the paper. Use your fingers on the plastic to move the color around, pushing it to blend with other colors or travel on the paper. Since the moisture is trapped under the plastic, you have more time than usual to work with your watercolors. Play with the folds in the plastic wrap to create lines of concentrated paint. 

Step 5:
If you had a lot of paint under your plastic wrap with areas of concentrated paint, you’ll want to wait at this point to let the paint dry. If, like me, you spread out all of the liquid color, you can remove the plastic layer immediately, helping the image dry faster.

Step 6:
Turn your image around every which way. Blur your vision as you look at it. What do you see? A universe? A field of flowers? A bird? A pretty design? Use your pens to bring to life whatever it is you see!