When was the last time you received a postcard? It was probably a while ago, right? Especially since folks are traveling less due to the pandemic. 

Remember the excitement of receiving a postcard?! Even if it’s short and sweet, it feels good knowing someone was thinking about you and being temporarily transported by that someone to a warm beach, a new city, or a local festival. 

Many of us have been spending a lot of time on the phone or zoom connecting and catching up with friends and family. As we socially distance, we’re finding new ways to pass our time, experiencing new things under the same old roof. Why not share some of those activities and your thoughts with a friend via snail mail instead of the phone next time? You can follow these simple instructions to make your own postcard. And as a bonus, you’ll be supporting the USPS!

What You’ll Need:
Crayons or oil pastels
Cup of water
Paper towel, tissue, or rag
Watercolor paper (measurements no smaller than 3.5”x5” and no greater than 4.25”x6”)
Masking tape or painters’ tape

Step 1:
Firmly tape down the edges of your paper with the tape, creating a border where color will not seep.

Step 2:
Use crayons or oil pastels to draw and decorate. Contour drawing as opposed to coloring in entire spaces is recommended here.

Step 3:
Use your watercolors to fill in the image. Your drawing will remain as the water cannot permeate the wax or oil pastels.

Step 4:
Let fully dry before carefully removing tape. Write and send your postcard!