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Themes can be customized to fit your child’s interests or age. After confirming your party, we will work with you to build on your selected theme!

Pets and Critters Party

Children can paint, decorate or sculpt their favorite animal in this creature-themed party. Project choices include pet portrait paintings, Model Magic or air-dry clay animal sculptures and more! Grab your furry friend or scaly buddy and join in on the fun!

Cars, Trains and Planes Party 

This party is themed around the moving machines of our world! Pick from projects such as tire-track paintings using your child’s favorite toy cars, train prints and stamps and clothespin airplanes.

Dinosaur Party

Celebrate your child’s birthday with a prehistoric-themed party! Learn how to make your own dino-stamps from cardboard, finger-paint a prehistoric landscape, or make a mask of your favorite dino! With this party theme we’ll venture back to the land before time!

Deep Space Party 

Children venture into galaxies unknown with projects such as constellation paintings, astronaut portraits, glitter galaxies, and alien Model Magic or air-dry clay sculptures.

Theater Party 

Bring out your child’s inner actor with a thespian-themed party. Choose from art projects such as jazzy paper crowns or headdresses, masks, and more!

Superhero Party 

Boom, Crack, Pow! Choose from projects such as comic making, paper masks, cityscape prints and superhero portraits! Superhero art projects can encompass a general theme or be tailored to your child’s favorite cartoon hero.

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