Book Party

Themes can be customized to fit your child’s interests or age. After registering for your party, we will reach out to you to build on your selected theme with projects and more!

Pets and Critters Party

Children can paint, decorate or sculpt their favorite animal in this creature-themed party. Project choices include pet portrait paintings, custom-made puzzles, Model Magic animal sculptures and Plush Puppies. *Puppies are an additional $3 per participant.

Deep Space Party

Children venture into galaxies unknown with projects such as constellation paintings, glitter scratch art galaxies, space explorer picture frames and alien Model Magic sculptures.

Wild Adventures Party

Pick from projects themed around your child’s dream adventure such as exploring the rainforest, a treasure island quest or down under the sea. Project mediums range from painting to printmaking, puzzles, picture frames and Model Magic sculpture.

Theater Party

Bring out your child’s inner actor with a thespian-themed party. Choose from art projects such as bejeweled crowns or headdresses, masks, Model Magic jewelry and puppets.

Lego Party

Centered around a classic and all-time favorite toy, art projects include Lego stamps, Lego magnets, Lego picture frames and designing your own Lego person.

Once Upon a Time…Party

Envision kings, queens, heroes and mythical creatures in a Once Upon a Time party. Pick amongst fantastical projects including bejeweled crowns, castle collages, Model Magic jewelry and magic wands.

Superhero Party

Boom, Crack, Pow! Choose from projects such as comics, masks, cityscape prints and action-figure Model Magic sculptures. Superhero art projects can encompass a general theme or be tailored to your child’s favorite cartoon hero.

Book Party