Book Party

Themes can be customized to fit your child’s interests or age. After registering for your party, we will reach out to you to build on your selected theme with projects and more!

Illustrator’s Party

If you love to draw then this party is for you! Projects to choose from include comic strips, flip books and scratch art.

Potter’s Party

Spend a couple of hours in our space creating and sculpting wonderful handbuilt clay creations. Projects to pick from include handbuilt pinch pots, vases and clay cut outs. *Maximum group size is 10.

Painter’s Party

Bring out your inner Picasso or Van Gogh with a painter’s party. Choose amongst subject matter such as landscapes, animals, starry night skies and funky abstract portraits.

Printmaker’s Party

Our print studio is the perfect place for an art party for you and your friends. Styles include monoprinting, artisan cards, printing with styrofoam and leaf/nature impression prints.

Book Party