Amy E. Browning

Artist Statement: 

“I strongly embrace the idea that art needs more inclusive venues and that high prices do not equate to greatness.  Artists need to earn reasonable income but the financialization of art sets up a winner take all cultural orientation that generally harms and certainly does not help artists access resources needed to pursue their goals and contribute to their communities.  Printmaking allows me to experiment with imagery while providing unique multiples that can be offered to buyers at affordable prices.  Accessibility, in my mind, provides artists with a bigger and more robust market in which they can flourish.”

Amy Elizabeth Browning is a founding member of Station Street Studios, LLC, in Brookline Village.  Amy works in academic medicine focusing on patient access and healthcare delivery in the context of new and complex therapies for oncologic diseases.  With an undergraduate degree in studio arts (sculpture) and a master’s degree in public health, Amy has actively maintained her studio practice through commissions to produce interpretive illustrations of molecular biology concepts and experimental laboratory methods with many published in medical journals.  She has also worked on independent projects studying athletes in action, commercial impacts on the natural environment, and explorations of human built structures used for artistic expression, most notably musical instruments.  Amy’s most recent media includes various forms of printmaking, illustrations for poetry, and oil and acrylic color images on paper and canvas.

Amy is also active in community cultural advancement, serving on the boards of the Brookline Interactive Group and ArtsBrookline, on the steering committee for Brookline Open Studios and she served as an arts commissioner for the Town of Brookline for the past six years.  Amy initiated a new Emerging Artist program sponsored by the Brookline Commission for the Arts which will provide a stipend and other resources for a selected artist each year.  Contact for more about independent projects underway or to discuss commissions.


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