Beth Boucher
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in January 2021, I soon discovered a feverish passion for translating my world into paint. I have always been absurdly delighted by color, carefully studying  differences in hues and shades, how they relate to one another, viscerally reacting to combinations that  appeal or repel. When I paint, I am fully immersed in hue, shadow, and light. My practice is to paint  daily, and to absorb lessons from each piece. I work in acrylic, on paper, wood, and canvas.  

Painting, for me, is a quiet thrill ride. I am drawn to simple subjects–fruit on my kitchen table, an open  field in my home state of Maine, a barn in Vermont. My work is a striving for space, joy, and simplicity in  our noisy and chaotic world. My work draws cues from classicism, realism, and impressionism. I am  inspired by the luminous light of Sargent, the vivacious color of Kahlo, the clean hues of Hopper, and the  brilliant exactitude of contemporary classicist Jacob Collins. 


My portfolio can be found on my website at 

Instagram: @boucherbeth

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