Caren Zane
Mixed Media

Artist Statement:

I have been exploring watercolors and mixed media for the past two years,  after a long career as a mosaic artist. I have been able to use my extensive  experience in color, texture and design in an exciting new way. My pieces have  become more than their physical lines and marks and now seem to represent  what I need in life: adventure, spontaneity, growth and the beauty in nature. 

My current work is inspired by my long walks on the beaches of Cape Cod,  collecting all kinds of sea life, shells, rocks and other treasures. I am especially drawn to horseshoe crabs, which I find fascinating. My research into this  prehistoric species has uncovered many interesting facts that I’ve been able to  incorporate into my paintings of them. For instance, a horseshoe crab’s blood is  indigo blue, so I’ve used this color extensively in my depictions of them. I have  also discovered the joy of picking wild oysters, the meat inside is so intricate,  each one is so unique. With both subjects, I use watercolors and then embellish them with acrylic paint markers, metallic foils and pen and ink, I am able  to replicate their unique markings. There is a certain beauty in the life and  death I see in nature on a daily basis.

Instagram: @carenzane

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