Emily Lynn Perelman
Mixed Media

Artist Statement:

Much of my work uses the repetition of graphic symbols and scenes in a surreal context. I incorporate  psychedelic colors and symmetry with these repeated symbols to create the illusion of transcendence  and progression. The notion of leaving things up to chance or letting go is a major theme in my work, as  such I often depict symbols of chance such as dice or cards. I see my work as the intersection between  mindfulness and creativity and when I sit in this intersection I think about how to elevate mundane ways  of being to something surreal. In this way, I use my work to escape monotony. Similarly, I intend for my  work to give viewers a sense of openness or a sigh of relief. 

My understanding is that art reveals parts of yourself that you are unable to access in another way. The  process of creating and thinking about my own work allows me to understand myself, and therefore my  work, better. My constant exploration of new mediums also invigorates my process. I have been exploring  digital illustration, cut paper, spray paint, printmaking and ceramics. Each medium inspires the others and lends openness to my practice. As I continue exploring different imagery and ways of making I hope to  learn more about how I can depict mindfulness and introspection. 

Contact: emilylynnperelman.com

Instagram: @emilylynndesign

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