Gili Bethlehem

Artist Statement:

Pottery has always played a role in my family. I  grew up eating and drinking out of hand made  casseroles, bowls and mugs, familiar with many  of the potters whose dishes we had at home. In this tradition, I strive for functional yet  beautiful pieces that bring joy to the user. Each piece is individual and unique, hopefully a  reminder of an alternative to mass production  objects that are often so easily discarded,  replaced and thrown out. I glaze my pottery with food safe glazes. I have wheel thrown pottery on and off for  the past 15 years and have taken classes at  Feet of Clay Studio since 2016. In 2020, during Covid, I found myself at  home unemployed. I became an active  member of Feet of Clay Studio and set up a  studio in a corner of my basement,  practicing with the help of online videos and  the online pottery community. I found inspiration and solace in clay that  helped me get through the past year and  grow beyond.

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