Lennon Michelle Hernandez Wolcott
Mixed Media

Artist Statement:

My identity is not mine alone but those of many cultures united before me.  As the daughter of a bi-racial marriage, every day I see two worlds running concurrently and all the structures of oppression and resistance between the two, along with the history that has come before. I am made of and create because of context: the symbolic, historical, social, cultural, and personal. My name is Lennon Michelle Hernandez Wolcott, a name itself full of code and memory. Named after a Beatle, the best poet of my parents’ generation, and a combination of colonizer and colonized.

The work is the multidisciplinary cross sections of Fine Art and Craft, centered on how identity within seemingly disparate cultures intersect and share commonality. The importance of representation, strength, and the rebuilding community through common symbols, imagery, and connection. My drawings, 2-d work, and installations attempt to unite the past, loss, tradition, and history. I use nontraditional materials such as coffee filters, pushpins, and ball point pens to create a point of accessibility that mimics and recreates traditional practices and aesthetics. The goal, to demonstrate the beauty found within and elevate the representation of non-dominant cultural practices iconography, and understanding through craft, drawings, prints.

I hold an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, focusing on printmaking and sculpture. I completed a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate and Master of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. 




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