Lily Chen
Acrylic Paint

Artist Statement:

I appreciate the opportunities provided by the BAC to participate in the art events without being a professional artist. My passion is to share the pure love of art with everyone in the community. As an amateur, I look forward to observing and learning from the many talented artists in Brookline.
I started acrylic painting in late 2018 when I volunteered to do a mural painting for the teacher’s lounge at the John Pierce school. It was a big challenge and a new learning experience but I truly enjoyed the process and continued to paint afterwards. The focus of my paintings varies, with inspiration from everyday life observations, museum visits, online materials, and family/friends’ supports. What’s truly important to me is the process itself of observing, perceiving, and expressing, which works for me like a meditation to reach inner peace. As for the style of my paintings, I am not sure if I have one, but I strive to achieve an overall effect of subtlety and artistry with a personal touch.

Instagram @lilysartstudio2019

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