Mindy Bartleson

Artist Statement:

After moving from a small town in GA to Boston, I adopted two cats but       didn’t like any of the options for cat bowls. I signed up for my first pottery class at Feet of Clay to make them their own bowls. I immediately fell in love and became a member a few years later. In my pottery and mosaics, I enjoy experimenting and constantly learning. My focus is on functional and funky pieces while staying environmentally conscious through recycling clay and using broken pottery for mosaics. In my work, I also tie in my passion for advocacy, awareness, and empowerment for disabilities and mental health. My pieces are wheel thrown and food safe. 

Website: www.blogmoretothestory.com/pottery/
Instagram: mindy_bartleson
Facebook: theresmoretothestory
Twitter: mindy_bartleson

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