Nan Rumpf
Water color, Acrylic Painting

Artist Statement

The process of painting is what most fascinates me.  Sometimes I paint from observation. But other times I like to see how watercolors and other water media react to different painting surfaces and interact with each other. Does the surface affect the edges of a puddle … the flow of the paint … the granulation? Does acrylic paint provide a natural resist for watercolor? Experimenting with different methods to obtain accidental texture appeals to me. What happens when you pour liquid watercolor through objects placed on top of the paper?

These experiments give me something to respond to and motivate me to continue experimenting with different painting techniques and compositions as I develop each painting. After the first experimental layer, I walk around the painted surface and look at it from different sides until I see something that I want to emphasize or see a shape that I want to develop. Sometimes a theme begins to present itself and I go with it. Making one change often strongly suggests the next. I am attempting to explore new artistic territory while experimenting with the essence of form, shape, color and value.  My images are inspired by my observations, memories, and imaginings.