Adi Kitov
Instagram: @adipottery

Artist Statement

I’m working in Feet of Clay and I’m creating a wide range of pottery items from boxes, bowls and cups to vases and candle holders. My style is emphasizing the nature of the clay, it’s colors and texture, and the mixture of glazes. Some of the pieces are smooth and clean looking, and some of them are rough and edgy-like.

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A set of candle holders made of black clay and green-gray glaze. They are made to fit aluminum candles, creating atmosphere or serving as Shabat-candle holders. Their shape is uneven and they are deliberately different but creating a pair.

A teapot made of speckled clay with green-blue glaze. The body of the teapot is made of one-closed form that has been cut later-on to create the lid, and both the handle and the spout are made on the wheel as well.

A set of three little Japanese-style boxes made from brown and black clay and glazed with blue-green glazes. The boxes are made as one closed form that has been cut later-on to create the lid. Therefore, their shape is continuous and smooth.

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