Anita Jamieson, Watercolor Friendship Group
Facebook: anita.jamieson.581

Artist Statement

We are a group of women who attended classes taught by Wendy Soneson at the Brookline Art Center. After Wendy moved to the Bay Area to be closer to her kids and grandkids (the nerve!), our group continued to meet at one of our houses. We share a passion for watercolor, yet as spirited individuals, we are drawn to various subject matter and technique. We get together weekly; we support each other’s work. A huge bonus is FaceTiming with Wendy at the end of our session, when she critiques our progress.

Why Watercolor? After all, everyone says it’s the most difficult medium.

It is awe-inspiring to see paint and water create a kaleidoscope of color. The fluidity of transparency, the infinite shades and layering of color, the science of blending, all form a richness that transcends the basic technique. It is magical to see the organic nature of water and paint go beyond what one intends. Light, contrast, bright and dull colors, hard and soft lines are a never-ending synergy that characterize the work at hand.

Together our painting group strives for mastery of watercolor despite the inevitable setbacks. Sometimes there are happy accidents that delight us. It is a journey that brings us joy.

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Sunflower Trio
300 lb watercolor paper
22 x 30″

Bruce: A leopard in the forest
300 lb watercolor paper
22 x 30″

My Kingdom: A desert Lynx in his habitat
15 x 22″

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