Jodie Sinclair

Artist Statement

After great success as a commercial photographer for over twenty years, I found myself searching for a major life change. I closed my studio, put the cameras down and in the process rediscovered my childhood connection with horses. Refreshed and healed by their presence, I eventually found myself drawn back to the camera, diving into the digital world for the first time to photograph what I loved, horses.

Residing in the northeast, I began traveling west in 2013 with the intention of immersing myself in the Western lifestyle and capturing my impressions. It changed me forever. I was captivated and enthralled by ranch life, the herds of horses running freely on thousands of acres and the cowboys who rode along side them. From sitting in the ranch kitchen drinking coffee with the wranglers to experiencing the bull riders readying themselves at the rodeo, I discovered the subject matter I had been searching for, one that resonated completely within me and filled me with excitement and joy.

Having taken numerous trips out west, I recently found myself searching for something new and geographically closer. Frequenting the local farmers’ markets during the summer, I suddenly found myself fascinated by these young people who have devoted their lives to organic and sustainable farming. I was able to sneak in one visit to Little River Farm and was astounded not only by the absolute peaceful beauty of the working environment, the incredibly hard work and long hours, and the obvious joy of the farmers as they worked, but also by the methods employed themselves. I plan to continue to explore these small farms with the upcoming warmer weather.

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Little River Lunch Tent
Digital Photograph, Archival Pigment Print

Ladies Traditional Dance
Digital Photograph, Archival Pigment Print

Steamy Morning
Digital Photograph, Archival Pigment Print

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