Mary Mandarino
Wearable Fiber

Artist Statement

From my first introduction to weaving, I knew that fiber arts would play a very important part of my life. The act of weaving and the resulting cloth humble me.

I’ve been weaving for over 30 years and have enjoyed both the solo nature of the craft and the warm community of weavers. As an active member of the Weavers Guild of Boston, I’m constantly inspired by the creativity of so many of its members.

Color in combination with weave structure is one of the main design themes you will see in my wearable art collection. The process begins with white yarns which are hand dyed, giving fluidity and subtlety to the finished work.

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Blue Scarves in the Sunshine!
All of the pieces are hand woven and hand dyed. The material used is a combination of bamboo, rayon and tencel.

Red Scarf on Loom.
This is an image of a scarf while it is still on the loom. The fiber content is tencel.

Close up of a Shadow Weave Scarf.
This scarf was woven with cotton threads.

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