Ruth Ginsberg-Place

Artist Statement

Water is my theme for this year of feeling landlocked at home. My photographs capture water in its many forms: in ponds and oceans, in abandoned quarries, and as fog. For me water is wondrous in itself and in reflecting so much else…the sky, the clouds, sunset, birds. Never still, it’s always in a changing state with tides, waves, weather and winds stirring its surface. It reveals and conceals, it mystifies. Growing up a few blocks from Lower New York Bay and close to the Atlantic Ocean, playing on the tide line, learning to ride waves from my dad who also taught me how to kick when riding on his back, and vacationing in cottages on ponds, water has been my ecstatic companion. Some of my images are from Brookline, two feature fog, another an abandoned quarry, three are from the Maine coast, one is a fantastic rock on the Pacific coast and one of koi in a Kyoto pond. The only non water image is of a live volcano in Nicaragua. Blue-toned, blue smoke, blue rocks, red molten lava core, the antithesis of water yet like it, an equally unique visual universe.

For information about purchasing works, please email Photographs are printed digitally in limited editions using archival inks on high quality, heavy weight paper. Pickup available. Shipping charges are additional. Photographs are matted and backed, available in two sizes: Outside, dimensions 19” x 26 @$160; 24” x 30 @$200

Black Cove at Sunset – Schoodic, Maine

Pond Trees in Fog – Brookline

Swans in Fog – Brookline

Tidepools – Islesboro, Maine

Koi Pond – Kyoto, Japan

Blue Ripple Tree Reflections – Dorset Quarry, Vermont

Turquoise & Brown Reflection – Brookline

Masaya Volcano – Nicaragua

Bird Rock – Olympic National Park, Washington

Rockweed & Barnacles – Schoodic, Maine

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