Shirley Jones Luke
Acrylic, Pencil, Colored Pencils, Oil Paint, Tactile Materials
Instagram: @sajluke
Facebook: shirley.j.luke

Artist Statement

Art is about expression. Art is a visual representation of emotion. Art can inspire hope and document tragedy. Art is about opinion both subtle and profound. Art provides a record of the past to those of us in the present and impacts art in the future. Art is sound and image merging to create a masterpiece.

I am a new artist. I say “new” because my art journey began a few months ago in March. As the pandemic raged across the country, schools and businesses shut down. As a teacher, I went from engaging my students in the classroom to interacting with them online. It was a stressful and strained transition. During this time, I was able to focus on my personal interests. So, in between creating lessons and zooming with students, I read, wrote poetry, and began exploring art.

I draw and I paint. My sister is an artist with her own studio. My studio is in my home. I’m still learning all the techniques of drawing and painting. Social Media has been a huge help with my learning curve. Tik Tok and Youtube has taught me so much. I also have art and drawing books to refer to as well.

My work focuses on abstract art and portraiture. I like to combine the two. I use a lot of bright colors. I also incorporate other materials on my canvases. I find a lot of my materials at dollar and craft stores. I look forward to showing my pieces at the virtual marketplace.

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